Jim’s SAE Site


The first place to go for SAE info, Jim is THE source (as well as being a great guy)






For hardcore SAE info, these members can answer any question you may have








Infinity Classics


Great site with a complete rundown of the classic Infinity line. It’s in German, so if you want to read the text you’ll need to translate it, but overall a great source of Infinity info








Bobby Shred’s Infinity Site


Another excellent site dedicated to Infinity, with an active message board and good pics and specs








Watkins Stereo and Engineering


Bill Watkins designed the Infinity Watkins woofers. Extremely nice and very knowledgable, he’s the man to see about getting your woofers repaired.










Mike Bettinger is the only person to get to work on your GAS and SUMO gear. The founder of GASWorks, he knows more about GAS and SUMO than any tech out there. Great service, great results.








Rick Rupert


Rick does all my repairs on anything not GAS or SUMO. He can work on anything, does a great job, and has amazingly fast turnaround. Highly recommended. 








Lautsprecher Reparatur


European Infinity repair site. Check out their restorations, they do beautiful work, for all you European Infinity fans!













James Bongiorno


Fantastic jazz piano by the SAE/GAS/SUMO designer himself. If you like jazz, you should definitely give these recordings a listen.








Water Lily Acoustics


Excellent audiophile-grade recordings of both classical and world music








Integrated Martial Arts


What I do when I’m not listening to my system! If you’re ever in Dallas, drop by for a free lesson.








The Metal Temple


I’m not much into heavy metal, but if you are, check out my friend Steve’s site, the authoritative reference on metal











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