SAE Electronics

I’ve divided my SAE equipment into several sections: My Main system (this page), my 02-series system, my X-series system, uncommon or rare SAE items, and assorted SAE gear. I also have a variety of GAS and SUMO equipment, shown here.

My main system is a combination of 00 and 01 series equipment driving Infinity RS-1 speakers.

Here’s my “SAE Room”. I can’t get everything in one picture anymore, so here are the Infinity RS-1s, and the electronics is down below. For more on the speakers, click here.

Infinity RS-1

Here’s my main electronics stack. You can click on each rack to get a close-up and a list of what’s included. (That’s a TEAC X-2000R reel to reel off to the right).

SAE Audio Racks

Check out my other pages for more SAE gear, as well as GAS, SUMO, and Infinity.

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