My Infinity RS-1’s Excellent Adventure

My attitude toward Infinity speakers is much like my obsession with SAE. When I was younger, the high-end Infinity speakers were the “cat’s meow”. In those days, Infinity was making a serious push to create the ultimate high end speaker, and with models like the IRS and the RS-1, they pretty much succeeded.

Twenty years ago they were widely regarded as the best speakers in the world, and, arguably, nothing produced today approaches those speakers.

Unfortunately, because they were extremely high end (and hence quite expensive for the time), there weren’t a lot of the various Reference Series speakers made. This meant that finding a set was quite a feat, and most owners weren’t interested in parting with them.

I was fortunate to locate a set in pristine condition. The problem was, they were in San Francisco and I was in Dallas. How to get these gems to Dallas without a mover dropping them or putting a hand through a woofer cone? I despaired until I located a mover who specialized in delicate electronic equipment and was willing to handle the task.

The process started by constructing a special foam-lined box customized for the speakers......


Here they’re packing the shrink-wrapped and bubble-wrapped speakers and surrounding them with layers of foam....

The speakers are fully encased in foam. Nothing’s going to get to these!

Sealed up and ready to ship!


Here they are in their new home, along with a second set of woofer towers. Some serious bass with the addition of the second set of woofer towers.

Both with and without grilles in place


Getting these guys was something of a beating, but it was well worth it in the end. Their sound is simply indescribable. Perhaps someday I’ll be lucky enough to get a set of their big brothers, the IRS, but till that day I am extremely pleased with these beauties from Infinity.

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